Residential Painters

Domestic and Residential Painters

People can come to us and we will organise everything. We don’t just look at what needs to be painted, we look at other things that make up the complete picture. We do free colour consulting and we help out with carpets, and offer a good vision of what your house is going to look like.

We meet up with the home owner and they tell us what they want to do. I’ll come up with solutions to help them achieve that without spending a lot of money. We’ll work with the existing colours in the house, such as carpet, kitchen or drapes.

We try to make things as easy as possible for everyone involved, not just the home owner.

At the end of each job, Justin goes through the house with the owner to check for anything that needs fixing, including marks or damage done by other trades.

New Build Projects

Justpainted are experienced decorating contractors and painters in Christchurch and Canterbury working alongside house builders to ensure a quality and good value end product.

Our main goals are to make sure the projects are run as efficiently and cost effectively as possible, whilst maintaining optimum quality.

Home Decorators

Painting and decorating your home should be done with care and attention to detail to ensure that your investment produces a beautiful finish that lasts!

Alterations, plastering and painting we can help. From colour consultation right through to full project management.

Our reliable team are charged at a fair price, and will get the job done without cutting corners (or spilling paint on them).

We’ll do all the hard work, including moving any furniture out of the way and covering up surfaces. Once the work is complete, the only thing we’ll leave behind is a job well done.

Our home painting and decorating team regularly get asked to redecorate homes that others have painted have cut corners and used poor materials – so for a truly professional job call the #1 team of Home Painters and Decorators in Christchurch – Call in Justpainted and get it done right – the first time.

Specialist Painting

Looking for beautifully hand painted kitchen cabinets and furniture. Our skilled painters can transform your old furniture into like-new versions for a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Roof Painting and Roof Restoration

Whether it’s iron or concrete tile, your home, rental property or commercial premises; we have it covered! Maintaining your roof not only protects your asset but adds to the exterior appearance, especially when it comes to resale. The specialists at Justpainted can restore and recoat your roof, protecting it from the elements while adding value.

Roof restoration, a simple touch up or a change to the existing colour, we can do it!

Checkout our gallery, read more about us or contact Justpainted today to discuss your next project.